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Dr Ruth Hillelson, a celebrated plastic surgeon and researcher in organic chemistry and plastic surgery, has developed a unique line of skin care products that stimulate the skin's natural abilities to repair damage from aging and environmental stresses. The products enhance the production of new collagen and elastin for more radiant, younger looking skin. Iridesse® Skin Care products penetrate the epidermis and stimulate the viable cells of the deeper layers of the dermis.  These deeper cells are the sources of skin health, texture and softness.                               




Skin begins to deteriorate quickly from an early age. It is a battle to protect the skin from exposure to harsh, drying air, ultraviolet and infrared light rays, and caustic airborne chemicals. Life's stressors and aging changes in hormones also impact the structural integrity of skin collagen, its tightness and its visible appearance. As skin cells age and perish, they stop producing the amount and quality of collagen fiber and elastin necessary for skin to stay plump and toned. The epidermis becomes impenetrable to nutrients needed to maintain a youthful skin appearance.

Skin that has lost its radiance from aging and exposure needs new cellular vitality, enhanced collagen and elastin production, and drastically improved deep level hydration.                                                                                                                     




While conventional, topical skin products and cosmetics simply mask the underlying imperfections of aging or damaged skin, Iridesse® skin care products penetrate into the deeper dermis where the viable cells reside. Iridesse®'s unique and proprietary phospholipid complex and patented peptide ingredients, formulated through biochemical research, are absorbed through the epidermis and function as carriers of cellular stimulants and messengers to the deeper cell layers. The cells then are reinvigorated to synthesize new collagen and elastin in abundance . This, then, is a natural growth factor stimulant.

It is how nature intended it, originally. Iridesse® products reduce the oxidation effects of free radicals on the skin, improve its cellular health and hydrate the skin at a deeper, more lustrous level. 
Optical engineers who developed See Through Technology  (STT), a breakthrough technology that can actually "see" and measure quantitatively collagen molecules in living tissue, were employed to measure change in collagen molecules after the daily application of Iridesse® Skin Care creams. Using the angles of light refraction from skin collagen molecules, called birefringence, new collagen was assayed optically and differentiated from older collagen molecules.
Volunteers of varying ages applied Iridesse® Night Nutrient twice daily to one side of their face and arms. For comparison control, the opposite side was left untreated.  Results were measured weekly using STT. All volunteers displayed increases in the production of new skin collagen averaging 24.25% in just three weeks.
Skin test sites also had visibly plumper, smoother, and more radiant results. Lasers that measure elasticity demonstrated a reduction in skin laxity of 17% at three weeks. This demonstrated objectively the unique beneficial tightening and toning seen with Iridesse® Skin Care products.




  • Group average laxity change with use of Iridesse®Night Nutrient
  • Decrease of approximately 15% in cheek laxity with application twice a day for 3 weeks
  • Decrease of approximately 17% in forearm laxity with application twice a day for 3 weeks





  • Group average elasticity change with use of Iridesse®Night Nutrient
  • Increase of approximately 27% in cheek elasticity with application twice a day for 3 weeks
  • Increase of approximately 8% in forearm elasticity with application twice a day for 3 weeks


The result?  Better science, better products, better skin.  And better appearance, better confidence, better life. 

Doctor, Richmond local, legend: Dr. Ruth Hillelson, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dr. Ruth L. Hillelson is a renowned, board certified plastic surgeon who has been practicing in Richmond, Virginia since 1985.

She completed her undergraduate coursework at The Johns Hopkins University, where at the age of 18 she was Project Director of a National Science Foundation research grant in organic chemistry. She furthered her medical school education and research training at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. 

In 2006 and 2007, Dr. Hillelson won the National Pinnacle Award for Non-Invasive Radiofrequency. She wrote the protocol for radiofrequency of treatment of the hand and introduced noninvasive abdominal contouring to the International Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in 2006.

Dr. Hillelson is currently Director of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics at the Hillelson-Whipple clinic in Richmond, Virginia.


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