Skincare for Men

Skin for Men—

I’m not a ‘product guy’ ordinarily.  I shower with soap from the grocery, shave with canned shaving cream and, until recently, use whatever after shave lotion I pick up at the grocery.  I don’t consider myself indulgent in luxuries or niceties, usually get my haircut at a barber shop and have never had a manicure or pedicure.  I grew up in a small town.  Life should be simple; grooming should be simple; skin care should be simple…for men.  Until recently. 

Women are a different story.  I appreciate women.  They’re nice to talk to, nice to be with.  They have sensitivities, intuition and perspectives most of us men just lack.  They’re nice to look at; and they know it.  So they take better care of themselves.  Skin care products for women are facts of life.  They’re necessary for resistance to weather, air borne chemicals, aging.  They restore skin hydration.  They assist with deep cleansing.  They often provide softness and, when necessary, women’s skin care products just cover up blemishes and wrinkles and provide artificial coloring and contrasts.  And I suppose that’s a good thing.  So be it. 

So, women have their needs and solutions and so do men…or so I thought, until recently.  On an ordinary work day a few weeks ago, I ran out of after shave lotion.  My wife offered me her Iridesse Night Nutrient crème with encouragement…her usual, insightful encouragement and a wink.  Hmmm, my after shave, whatever the brand, always sported an alcohol base.  It stung a little when I splashed it on and it was scented gently and felt fresh.  Basically, it was an astringent, a solution that constricted blood vessels and sterilized razor nicks.  Why would I consider a women’s night skin nutrient instead?

I humored her.  I put a dab on each cheek and a dab under my chin on each side and rubbed them in for four or five seconds.  Smooth.  There was a fresh scent but it lasted only a minute or so.  When I tightened my neck tie minutes later, the skin on my neck felt a little thicker, a little tighter.  No more scent, but the smoothness felt better than using a new razor blade to shave.  Hmmm, again.  Good enough.

At a mid-morning meeting, I sat back and rubbed my chin and cheeks in the usual meeting cogitation manner.  They were still smooth; the skin felt thicker or more plump, I suppose.  I checked again in the mid-afternoon and it still felt smooth and more robust than usual, despite an emerging 5-o’clock shadow.  This stuff lasts, I thought; certainly a lot longer than my astringent, skin-drying after shave lotion. 

The next morning I used four dabs of the Iridesse Night Nutrient crème again.  Same effect, all day.  That night I listened to my wife’s enlightening discourse at dinner.  She explained the Nutrient aspect of Iridesse Night Nutrient.  I’ll never remember all the ingredients and their respective functions.  But I do remember the deeper penetrating moisturizing effect instead of my drying alcohol after shave lotion.  And I do remember her saying the Iridesse products, used regularly, stimulate enhanced production of skin collagen (thickeners) and elastin (skin tightness). 

I bought a jar after one more day of personal trial of my wife’s supply.  That was the finale for my after shave lotion routine.  Iridesse Night Nutrient is the most comfortable, most pleasant, most skin beneficial after shave product I’ve ever used.  In my simple man’s line up, it ranks up there with my soap and my toothpaste.  I am not a skin product man, but this stuff just makes good sense.  It also feels good, isn’t sticky, isn’t greasy, has no girly cologne smell and has definitely improved the appearance of my skin dramatically, even during this short time since I first tried it. 

My wife is smart.  Most women are smart.  Listening to them is usually a good thing.  In this case, it most assuredly was.  I believe Iridesse is every bit a man’s product; and it’s also good for family relations.  There’s a reason the jar has a gold lid.  It does speak to men.