If another 22-year-old hits on me, I’m going to have to stop using Iridesse® Skin Care!

Hi, my name is Ghada and I will be turning 36 soon and I’m joking about being upset over young, great looking men finding me attractive. Who wouldn’t?!

Thanks to a beauty regimen that includes the entire Iridesse® Skin Care line, friends are amazed how my skin continues to look better with age, and strangers are shocked at my age.

First, a little about me…

I have been working with beauty experts for over 12 years and like many I was inspired to pursue a career in the health and beauty industry due to my own skin/body issues. I was a well-fed teenager with hormonal acne problems and after college I began noticing how unflattering my skin and body looked in pictures. I went through stages of sadness, hopelessness and anger but I refused to waste energy being negative and decided to take control.

Thanks to Google, I began researching ways to conquer the goal of transforming myself and within 3 years I had lost 12 dress sizes! The new me felt amazing, happier, confident and eager to go out in the world. As proud as I was of myself, I became even more interested in sharing my knowledge with friends, family and strangers so they too had the opportunity to feel better. 

 I started a health and beauty blog and accepted a job with a skin care company as their sales representative and trainer. During my career in the beauty industry, I attended almost every skin care conference and seminars to learn about the latest in breakthroughs ingredients, products, services and what new procedures dermatologists and plastic surgeons were offering.

It was a few years ago that the stars aligned and I met Dr. Ruth Hillelson. We were attending a conference in Las Vegas and found ourselves sipping green smoothies and sharing stories and business ideas. I immediately fell in love with this lady! She was elegant, classy, humble and hilarious. I made a trip to Richmond, Virginia to see her at her office. It was during this trip that I was given my first sample of her then soon-to-be-launched skin care line, Iridesse® Skin Care.

 I couldn’t wait to get home to wash my face and start testing (because my skin is acne prone I have to be careful with certain ingredients). I washed my face, toned and applied a few drops of to my face, neck and decollete. The cream smelled like heaven, it felt like it too. It was not too light and not too thick, it was the perfect consistency and hydrated my skin immediately.

Now for the overnight test (certain moisturizers can provoke breakouts). Not Iridesse®. I woke up with soft, supple skin and zero signs of clogging. My skin felt nourished, calm and ready for some make up!

 I was so impressed with how great my skin felt that I began to research every ingredient that made up this amazing cream and what I found made me love it even more. I found that Iridesse® contains powerful antioxidants, patented peptides and growth factor stimulators that treat, renew and rejuvenate your skin. It also contains liposomes that help penetrate deep into the skin.

 A few weeks in, and my skin was looking smoother, brighter and firmer. I was officially addicted. 

Within the next year, Iridesse® introduced a night cream (Iridesse® Night Nutrient) an eye cream (Iridesse® Eye Love it) and my favorite-to-date Iridesse® KISS, it’s more than a lip balm and hydrates and nourishes. So now I have beautiful skin and naturally luscious lips (even without someone to kiss, oh well!) and am perfectly happy with that part of my life.

Ok, so I forgot. It’s a tie for my favorite product between Iridesse® KISS Iridesse® Eye Love It, the slow release Vitamin A keeps the area under my eyes smooth and tight so it’s hard to choose.

 Finally, Iridesse® Night Nutrient has the important job of making you more beautiful during your beauty sleep! The peptides work overnight to nourish and repair stresses of the day.

Can you tell by now that I am in love with this skin care line?

12+ years after getting into the health and beauty industry to better myself, I continue to seek the best from the health and beauty industry (oh, and I still fit into my size 4 jeans)! Iridesse® Skin Care is the best if you’re looking to reverse the signs of aging, repair dull looking skin, and deeply nourish your skin with ingredients it DESERVES then I highly suggest you add these products to your skin care routine.


Ghada A.

Skin junkie and expert